Privacy Policy

NuThing is a brand owned by InnovaDerma PLC (Company Number 09226823, 27 Old Gloucester St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AX).

1. User Information: We collect certain information or data about you when you use this website. We do not collect personally identifiable information without this being specifically stated and knowingly provided by you.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Individually identifiable information
  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Billing address
  • History of your order’s and communication with us
  • Details of your previous transactions, site behaviour, product interest and other activities on our site

    We collect components of the information above so that you can shop our website and utilise/complete certain functions on our site. You will always be aware of when this information is being collected and it will only be utilised for the purposes you’ve provided it for. i.e

    • Provide you with information about products/ offers/events if you want it
    • Improve the site by monitoring how you use it
    • Respond to any feedback you send us if you’ve asked us to
    • Anonymous data/information
    • Browser Ip
    • Your location
    • The device you are using to browse our site
    • The browser you are using whilst on our site
    • Browsing patterns on our site / pages / products viewed

      This non-identifiable information is not used in conjunction with your personal information and is collected to help us collate data, monitor our site performance, customer experience and the services/products we provide.

      • Questions, queries or feedback you leave, including your email address if you send an email to NuThing on our GDPR compliance officer will be in touch with regards to your request.


      • A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that are stored on your browser or hard drive. Websites such as NuThing use cookies to keep track of your browsing preferences, movements within the site, help you to where you left off and several other customisable functions. A cookie itself does not hold personally identifiable information, it is simply a link between your browser/hard drive and the website that you are browsing.
      • We collect information on how you use the site with cookies. You must agree to accept the use of cookies, in order to continue to browse or shop on our website. If you do not, please leave the site immediately. See at the bottom of this page how to remove cookies from your browser.
      • Using cookies and page tagging techniques to help us improve the website using cookies. For more about cookies and how we use them please continue below…
      • The types of cookies we may use are:
      • Strictly necessary cookies: These are required for the operation of the website i.e to log in and see your past orders. 
      • Analytical / Performance-based cookies: These allow NuThing to analyse data including site visitors, page visits, whether our shoppers can find things easily and what type of products our users like the most. This data is used to improve our overall website experience.
      • Targeting or advertising cookies: We use these cookies to present to you advertising offers and materials that are relevant to you. They also help to control the amount of advertising you receive and measure our marketing campaigns.

                  Where your data is stored
                  We store any data on our servers within the UK. However, as NuThing is an international business any data may be viewed outside of the UK/Europe by our staff. By submitting your personal data, you agree to this.

                  Keeping your data secure
                  Transmitting information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we can’t guarantee the security of your data. Any data you transmit is at your own risk.

                  We have procedures and security features in place to try and keep your data secure once we receive it. We won’t share your information with any other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we don’t pass on your details to other websites. Payment transactions are always encrypted.

                  Links to other websites
                  NuThing contains links to and from other websites. This privacy policy only applies to this website and does not cover other sites and services that we link to. If you go to another website from this one, read the privacy policy on that website to find out what it does with your information.

                  How to access or change your personal information:
                  Should you wish to change any of your personal information of setting at any time within our system, please contact us on you will then be contacted by our GDPR compliance officer whom will be able to adjust these at your request.

                  Changes to the policy:
                  Please note that the Privacy Policy and site Terms and Conditions form an agreement between you and us. We may update these at any time. Depending on the nature of the change we will either advise via a notification on the site or potentially via the contact details you have provided and requested we use.

                  How to disable cookies in your browser:

                  Here's how to prevent new cookies from being installed and how to delete existing cookies. The exact procedure depends on which browser you are using.

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